What I’m Reading: January 2015 + One Helpful Internet Tool

Before I share some of the words I have been enjoying lately, I want to tell you about one of my favorite reading tools. It’s called Pocket, and it saves interesting articles or blog posts that I find so that I can read them later. So simple, and yet it allows me to stay focused in my easily distracting social media job, and it also gives me a place to keep all the neat and inspiring things I encounter on the internet.

I’ve been using Pocket for a while, as well as the corresponding iPhone app and Chrome extension, which allows me to add articles to my reading list by right clicking on the link. And for those blogs whose posts I never want to miss, I set up an IFTTT recipe to pull new stories from the RSS feed into my list. Then when I have a few minutes, I can flip through the stories I’ve saved at my own pace. It’s a great tool.

Anyway, on to the things I’ve been reading, most of which came through Pocket at one time or another:

Learning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown TaylorLearning to Walk in the Dark by Barbara Brown Taylor: Have you ever had an experience where everything in your life seems to be pointing you in the same direction and you just know that’s where you need to be? This book is the result of one such convergence. I’ve been hearing about Barbara Brown Taylor for years and meaning to pick up one of her books but never had. On one of my holiday drives, the local NPR station was rebroadcasting an interview with her about this particular book. When I looked it up online, the Kindle version was on sale for $2, and after I started reading it, some significant conversations pointed me in the very direction her writing was already taking me. Whoa. Continue reading