Mac n’ Cheese for the Mind

Earlier this week I read a couple of articles by Gretchen Rubin, one about knowing your own “tell” that indicates when you’re stressed or anxious, and one about “comfort food” for the mind–something you can do to ease your mind in those times. For Rubin they are one and the same. This article isn’t exactly what I read before, but it’s a good summary of the two ideas. 

I really love the idea of “comfort food” reading, or a grounding ritual of any type. When I’m in a tumultuous place, I listen to country music, especially the songs of the 1990s and early 2000s. And like Rubin, I do some re-reading, too. 

I already had it in my mind this week to begin reading some of the books that have been patiently waiting on our shelves for who knows how long. As a way to prevent new clutter from entering the house, and also as a way to save some money, it makes sense to enjoy what is already free to us. 

So I have begun to re-read The Hobbit. It almost feels like a first reading, because it has been 20 years since I read it. But I have seen the movies more recently, which helps to jog my memory on the details. 

There are other things on my reading list that feel more formational or “good,” but one of the things I love about the “comfort food” concept is that, as in the kitchen, these comforting choices are not meant to be the most nutritious. 

They can still be as nourishing as that first bite of mac n’ cheese. Mmm. 

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