Step #1: Write It Down

For my first day, I took the suggestion of this article suggesting “7 Tiny Steps for the Beginning Minimalist,” and I wrote down my reasons for wanting to live more simply. Like really wrote it down, with a pen and paper. 

Here are some of the highlights of what I hope to find through simple living:

  • More time to spend with my family
  • The easy feeling of living in an uncluttered space
  • Financial savings
  • The freedom to make more sustainable choices, and to waste less
  • Greater appreciation for the things that bring me joy

As a follow-up, I should mention that I always have a lot of surplus energy at the beginning of a project or practice, and that this energy inevitably slows to a drip in the following weeks. In order to keep some momentum without burning out, I am allowing myself to collect articles, but not to plan anything beyond what tomorrow’s baby step will be. This brings some of the fun anticipation I crave, but minimizes the all-or-nothing stakes that often get in my way. 

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