Simply Simplifying in 2017

I’m thinking about the new year and those pesky resolutions, and also considering the Three Word practice I have done in the past. One of the practices I am interested in this year is simplicity–and I say practice intentionally because I do believe that simplicity is a practice and not a destination

I’d like to try documenting this practice by posting one small thing I do each day to simplify, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. 

I have had trouble sticking with daily practices in the past, and with a baby and all of the life changes that he brings, this might be additionally challenging in 2017. So my first pledge is to be judgment-free in this pursuit, and the second is to remind myself daily that the small things do add up. 

And the third pledge is to be authentic–I will say up front that I am no authority on this subject, just a busy woman looking to unchain herself from some of the busyness and a lot of the clutter. Let’s see where it takes us, shall we?

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