New Thoughts for a New Year

photo by jordyferket

photo by jordyferket

During the past few months, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about blogging, but needless to say, I haven’t done much actual blogging. I could blame part of it on my job—I moved into a social media manager position at work, and I love it, but it does mean that I’m online All. The. Time. So when I’m off the clock, doing work-like activities become somewhat less appealing

Or I could blame it on other things going on in our lives. There were the holidays. And then we bought a house (our first!). And then we moved in to said house. And now we are taking our sweet time unpacking and settling in. In fact, I am writing this from a loveseat in our “croffice” (craft room + office) that we only unpacked this weekend. It was like we added a whole new room to our house.

But really, what I think the issue is—and honestly, what the issue always is—is my perceived need to make a blog post mean something. To make it have a purpose and a certain level of quality that, were I trying to make a living here, would be a real concern, but that, as things are, really don’t come into play.

All of that is to say that I think I need to make a New Year’s blog resolution. And here it is: for the rest of 2014, I will not take myself too seriously in this space. I will not require myself to have grown prior to writing, but will allow myself to grow through the writing. And lastly, I will not be embarrassed by this post, or by the number of times I have posted similar things in the past. I and my little website, and my one friend who reads it, will push through, and maybe we will grow together.

Sweet dreams, little website. Until the next bit of silliness arises between us.

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