What I’m Reading

I’ve come across a number of articles this week that I just had to share, for one reason or another. They speak to some things that have been running around in my head lately, and I think they’re really good reads:

  • American Girls Aren’t Radical Anymore: As someone who was a huge fan as a child, and someone who still gets her friend to save the catalogs for her, this piece really piqued my interest. I like what it says about local vs. global injustice and how bold we are willing to teach our daughters to be. As a sidenote: I remember being interested in the “just like me” dolls because they came with blank books for you to write your girl’s own story. Anyone else remember that?
  • Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion: This piece is incredibly well-written, and—like one of the commenters said—it makes me feel like I’m not the only one stuck in the middle of an issue that seems to be so deeply divided. However you feel about the issue, I recommend reading this.
  • Five Reasons Why Odd Bedfellows in Tourism Campaigns Are Brilliant: This one is more work related, but I think these campaigns are brilliant and admire companies that can think this way.
  • Having Trouble Getting Yourself to Write? 9 Tips: I’m trying to get back to writing more often, whether it be journaling, blogging or an actually project. I just joined a writing group, too, so I’m hoping that will provide some encouragement.

In other news, we cut cable a couple of weeks ago. I’ve kind of enjoyed watching some basic network stuff on my lunch break—namely a daily episode of The Andy Griffith Show. So wholesome.

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