Plot Complications / CC BY 2.0

Scott Ginsberg, a very wise man, says that “we must create the art we want to see in the world.” He follows this with suggestions including, “Write the book you would want to read on the toilet,” and, “Release the record you would want to listen to driving down the highway.”

The one that spoke to me is this: “Post the blog you would want to read while waiting in line at the airport.” About which more later.

Recently I have had a number of enormous (!!!) celebrations. I have also had some pretty huge disappointments, including one that has struck me so deeply it’s difficult to explain. So I tried morning pages, another suggestion of the ever-wise Nametag Scott. Despite the fact that I only do them intermittently, they still work.

So after this quite sizable defeat, one that echoed into most of my past and seemingly all of my future, I directed my writing onto what I dream and what I love to do. Dance. Eat. Cook. Read. Design. Plan events. Do you see the pattern yet?

I did, and the conclusion I am drawing is that I am attracted to (and nearly addicted to) the literary quality of life. (Cheesy-sounding enough?) I like the connections, the allusions, the paradox, the irony, the non-linear beauty. I may be a total geek, but I LOVE the aspects of life that are like a book.

How do I harness that? How do I use that to fulfill my needs, and the needs of others. Where do I start? Maybe I can start here.

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